Thursday, March 22, 2012

For Hasief Ardiasyah

Dear Hasief,
Before I start, I need to warn you that I'm not kind of writer nor a poet. So I'm not quite good in arranging words, both in Indonesian and English, so you've been warned yah...
Your latest post in Tumblr touches me, a lot. And your words inspired me to post something here somehow. If words could kill, you could murder me over one or two conversations. Maybe I would fall for you completely or maybe I will think "you're a freaky and creepy geek".
Where do I have to begin? I never meet you in real life. I just read your tweets each and every day. Sometimes you retweeted me, I don't know, about two or threet imes maybe? And maybe you haven't noticed me until now.
And to be honest, I never thought of meeting you or even talking to you, well, before I read your latest post. But now, after I read it, I want to meet you personally. Well now I bet you think I'm a pathetic looney or kind of psycho who will found dead alone with a cat.
Well, it's just that I always thought you're a music freak who drinks Coke and Ovaltine all the time, loves banana (since all your bagels always have banana inside). But now your post shows the romantic and cheesy side of you. Cool and mysterious guy is so last decade, now is the era of cool and romantic guy.
Back to the topic, your lines impressed me a little bit, and it got me thinking. Not about you, or about me but Future Us-to-be. Err wait, does it scare you? By "Us", I don't really mean to refer to you and me, but someone and me.
But thanks to you Hasief, for inspiring me in my hectic day to be romantic even just for a little bit.

And thanks to you for inspiring me to skip breakfast and lunch just to have a box of cold Ovaltine. You ruin my diet to lose some weights.

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