Friday, November 20, 2009

Turn Back Time

If you could turn back time, what would you do? What would you change? Are you gonna change a thing in you, the idealize version of you?

Well if I were you, I won't change a thing. Because I believe that everything happened to me has formed me to be the way I am. And I love almost all the things in me. The independence, the sarcasm, the wittiness, the ignorance, the unique, the sense of humor and music, almost everything in me.

Okay, my past is such pain in the a**, but come on see the bright side, it made me tougher than mere girls I know. I had a trauma, something left a mark inside, but in the very young age, I already learn about through the problems, forgive things and people, and let them go, and let God deal with it...

We just know what we want, but we have no idea what's best for us, and none of us does. The only one who knows only God... So that's why when I could not reach something I want, I try to believe this is the best way, this is God's direction. Even I need to admit, when you could not reach something you really want, you start to be depressed, or maybe curse things around. But we're simply just a human. It's okay, it's alright... But don't sweat the small stuff, and do not ever lose the faith in God.

Dammit, I'm kind of giving a speech now. Well I mean no harm... I just want to speak up my mind after reading someone's status on facebook who complain about this and that... I really want to punch her in the face, give my best fist, my best shot...

"If I had a chance for another try, I wouldn't change a thing

It's made me all of who I am inside

If I could thank God, that I am here and I am alive

And everyday I wake, I tell myself a little harmless lie, the whole wide world is mine"

(Angels and Airwaves, Rite of Spring)

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